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When it comes to furnace repairs in Vancouver, the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” never applied more. Imagine turning on your furnace to get nothing but cold air. Even worse, a malfunctioning heating system can fill your home with deadly carbon monoxide gas without you even knowing it. This is considered an emergency issue and must be addressed immediately.

That is why it is important to have an expert Vancouver gas fitter to perform annual inspections and maintenance on your heating system. At DJ Plumbing & Heating our licensed technicians will clean, lubricate the motor, and replace that worn belt before it becomes a problem. Call us to book an inspection and maintenance appointment. It’s the best way to keep your furnace running safely and efficiently—and it’s easier on the wallet than an emergency repair bill.

What are the Most Common Gas Heating Furnace Problems?

Forced air gas furnaces are the most popular choice in Vancouver and though-out the Lower Mainland. They are able to efficiently keep your home or business warm on even the coldest of winter days. Over time you might start noticing that your system is not functioning as it should, and areas in your home may remain cold even as the thermostat is up. You may also notice that your energy bills have gone up.

It is important to be alert to anything unusual or different about the way your furnace is behaving…

Rattling or Rocking Sounds: could indicate a crack in your heat exchanger. Call an expert right away as a damaged heat exchanger can cause dangerous toxins to enter your home.

Scrapping Sounds: could indicate that your ball bearings are worn out or need lubrication. It may also indicate that one of the belts needs replacement.

Your Pilot Light Turns from Blue to Yellow and is Not Consistently Burning: this may indicate an excess of carbon dioxide in your system and needs to be looked at by an expert ASAP.

You May Notice the Smell of Gas: and you may be having a hard time keeping your furnace turned on this may also indicate there is a problem with the gas supply. If this is the case it is important to call an expert to find the source of the problem and make the necessary repairs.

What Are Your Options When Buying a New Furnace?

Give DJ Plumbing and Heating a call and ask one of expert technicians to explain the options you have when deciding what heating unit is right for your home or business. When it comes to comfort and efficiency you have several options when choosing the right system to fit your needs and budget.

Some of the different models available to you include:

Single Stage Furnaces: this basic single flame unit is the lowest cost to purchase but least efficient in terms of energy use. These units are popular on the lower mainland due to milder temperatures during our winter months, and low initial purchase price and installation.

Duel Stage Furnaces: Adding a second flame to this system not only makes this unit quiet; it will also add tremendous savings to your monthly energy costs. The units cost a little more but the long-term savings make it a better investment.

Modulating or Variable Furnaces: The most energy efficient and quiet comfortable gas furnace you can buy. This unit is designed to eliminate temperature fluctuations typical to single and duel stage furnaces. A Modulating unit makes slight adjustments which in turn regulates the temperature continuously in comparison to single and duel stage furnaces, which don’t run between heating cycles.

Having to replace your furnace is not usually in ones plans, especially in January. Dave and his team were able to provide lots of information to help us choose the right system and got the unit in without any delays.” ~ Janet G. from Vancouver

Why You Should Replace Your Outdated Furnace

Many homeowners unfortunately start searching for a new system in the winter when their equipment finally ceases to work, a worst-case scenario. At this time the situation has become a huge inconvenience and it becomes harder for you to find a replacement quickly in the fair, yet affordable, price range.

Let our team help you pick the most energy-efficient furnace for your home or business…

When your furnace is beginning to show signs of trouble, it’s important that you contact an expert to conduct an inspection to determine how long it will still be serviceable. By taking the initiative to address problems before they become unmanageable, you’re able to keep yourself, and the rest of your family, safe and comfortable. You can also experience drastic savings on your utility bill by updating your older equipment to a more modern and fuel-efficient model.

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